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    Classic Racing

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    Classic Launch

Classic yachts and launches are cherished “souls”.  Whether the classic has been in the family or your dream one has found you, it is a legacy that we are all proud to honor and care for.  The craftsmanship of the highest quality that adheres as much as possible to the original design is our mission.  We do not cut any corners in the maintaining, the repairing or in the refit of these cherished classics.

For three generations, we’ve been deeply involved in every aspect of classic yachting including sailing one in our own family in regattas such as the annual Mahurangi Classic Regatta.

We’ve also designed and built modern classic launches as well as rebuilt, restored and refitted original classics.  Our extensive knowledge of the traditional methods will provide the most expert and informed solution and the best quality workmanship for your classic yacht or launch. Please inquire with us. Click below to learn more about the work we’ve done on these beautiful classics.


*Experts in the old boatbuilding methods and techniques

*Construction and repair using all boatbuilding materials

*Engineering and Metal fabrication

*Engine, Transmission, Genset and Hydraulic servicing and installation

*All Interior Construction and Finishing




* 8.5-meter beam and 80-ton travel lift

  • Classic Racing Yachts

    There are few sights as awe-inspiring as watching a fleet of classic yachts racing toward the mark.  There are few activities as fulfilling as racings one of these classics where the rig is so well maintained that limits can still be pushed.  Learn More.

  • Classic Cruising Yachts

    Nothing draws more attention in an anchorage and brings more pride to the owner than a beautifully restored and maintained classic cruising yacht.  At Robertson’s our pride comes from skillful craftsmanship executed to perfection.  Learn More.

  • Classic Launches

    A beautiful launch cutting through the water with its engines still smoothly purring evokes an era gone by.  Yet for the knowledgeable owner, the duty of care is shared with a knowledgeable friend and partner at Robertson Boats.  Learn More..

  • Heritage Classics

    The French call it a trick of the eye or trompe l’oiel.  With the right design eye and skill, modern materials can be skillfully used to create the feeling of a heritage yacht while taking advantages of advances in materials and lowering maintenance.  Learn More.