Commercial Fishing Boats

  • Commercial Fishing boat off New Zealand

    Commercial Fishing boat off New Zealand

  • Bow Repair

    Bow Repair

  • 65ft Long Liner

    65ft Long Liner

  • Otapiri in travel lift

    Otapiri in travel lift

  • 50 ft Cray Boat

    50 ft Cray Boat


*Construction and repairs using all boatbuilding materials

*Engineering and Metal fabrication

*Engine, Transmission, Genset and Hydraulic servicing and installation




*8.5 meter beam and 80 ton travel lift


  • Servicing, maintaining, refitting and repairing commercial fishing boats for more than 30 years
  • Hull repairs on 45 ft. Cray fishing boat
  • Servicing and repairing 70 ft. Japanese designed deep sea long liner
  • Refitting of fish holds and refrigeration 70 ft. Japanese designed deep sea long liner
  • Constructing new Aft Cabin and Bimini over aft working deck on 70 ft. Japanese designed deep sea long liner
  • Repaint and External refit of deep sea long liner Quick Flight
  • Refit on 80 ft. steel fishing boat
  • Serviced, maintained and repaired over one hundred commercial fishing boats for more than 30 years

Illustrative case history for a Commercial Fishing Boat

Fleetwood is an Australian built fishing boat operating out of Leigh harbour. It has been coming to Robertson Boats for many years now for its maintenance and survey repairs work.  Most recently, it came to the yard for a survey, and when it was being tapped out it was discovered that there was an area around the chine that had deteriorated.  When explored more thoroughly, it had spread into the underbody of the hull and up part of the topside. The area of deterioration was under the wheel house in the forward section of the hull that took a lot of wave impact when steaming and up the topside into the forward cabin. 

It was decided that the compromised area was to be cut out and stripped right back to the frames and re-planked. The construction was 3 skins of ply over fore and aft stringers. Once stripped back the section of the hull was reinstated by laminating the skins of ply together with epoxy glue and glue screwing them to the frames and stringers, each skin being scarfed back onto the original hull with the glue joins of each skin being staggered to make the repair stronger. Once the planking was done the repairs were sheathed with double bias fibreglass, bogged out and faired up. 

While this job was taking place the fore deck and anchor chain locker was also getting an overhaul. They were stripped back to clean timber and new ply was laminated over the original deck and locker to increase thickness and strength. They were also sheathed with double bias fibreglass, bogged and faired up. 

Next the painters sprayed an epoxy primer onto the repairs to seal up the bog and build up a base to apply the top coat to. The primer was blocked back and the top coat was applied to the area above the waterline and blended out, antifoul applied below the water line and non-skid sprayed on the deck. The anchor chain locker was rolled and built up with good durable hard wearing paint. 

The boat passed the survey and was launched to resume service.