Commercial Boats

  • Kawau Kat

    Kawau Kat

  • Commercial Fishing boat off New Zealand

    Commercial Fishing boat off New Zealand

  • Excursion boat in New Zealand

    Excursion boat in New Zealand

We understand that commercial vessels are expensive assets that must be in operation to earn a return on their investment.  When a vessel breaks down or is damaged, we promise as rapid a turnaround as possible while maintaining the high quality of the repairs. Since we are a full service yard with all trades and specialties under our direct employment, we can adjust our schedule to get the job done fast. We welcome both the hands-on or oversight involvement of your team and crew.

All commercial boats operate under Safe Ship Management and we provide services to facilitate or assist you in attaining your survey throughout its cycle.

We believe that quality craftsmanship is the key to the lowest cost for reliability, and that preventive maintenance instead of reactive repairs will keep your vessels in solid operation longer and bring you a higher return on your investment.  We also prioritize preventative and routine maintenance knowing that each day on the hardstand is a day of lost revenue.

One of our specialties at Robertson Boats is the maintaining and repairing of commercial vessels.  Click below to learn more about our satisfied commercial customers in your line of business from ferry boats to fishing charters.


*Construction and repair using all boatbuilding materials

*Engineering and Metal fabrication

*Engine, Transmission, Genset and Hydraulic servicing and installation

*All Internal Construction and Finishing



* 8.5-meter beam and 80-ton travel lift

  • Ferry Boats

    Ferry Boats dock several times a day and must keep to their schedule in a range of weather conditions. Even the most experienced captains bounce against the wharves, occasionally causing damage. When that happens, Robertson’s can repair the damage fast. Learn More.

  • Excursion Boats

    New Zealand Excursion Boats take passengers on wild adventures, sometimes far offshore in blustery conditions. They must make passage reliably, with all services working well and in high gloss. You can count on Robertson’s commitment to rapid turnaround to get you back in the water and carrying customers faster than any other yard.

  • Fishing Charters

    Fishing Charters plow the seas in a fast and furious manner to take serious and commitment sportsmen to just the right location. These customers expect to get to the favored fishing spots without delay. Robertson’s extensive experience in rapid turnaround repairs will make sure your charter vessel is in the best repair to earn those charter fees.

  • Commercial Fishing Boats

    Commercial fishing boats and commercial fisherman are tough. While they may not always be pretty, they push hard and their safety and livelihoods depend on reliable vessels and equipment. Robertson’s understands these demands and the importance of reliability when far away in deep waters. You can count on us.