Modern Racing Yachts

  • 50ft Racing Yacht

    50ft Racing Yacht

  • 50ft Racing Yacht

    50ft Racing Yacht


* Construction and repair using all boatbuilding materials

* Composite specialists

* Engineering and Metal fabrication

* Engine, Transmission, Genset and Hydraulic servicing and installation

* All Interior Construction and Finishing

* Painting

* Rigging

* Electrical

* 8.5 meter beam and 80 ton travel lift


* Repairs on Young America in the 2000 Americas Cup fixing fractured hull during competition
* Built moulds for the Kingfisher around the world boat
* More than 30 years of building, servicing and maintaining racing yachts in New Zealand

Illustrative Case History on a Modern Racing Yacht

Sububba is a 50ft. Farr design racing yacht, that has come to Robertson Boats for all its major work since arriving in New Zealand. On its arrival to the country the owner wanted to give it an overhaul making sure it was ready for racing.

The boat was to get an external refit and a full refit of the interior. It arrived at the yard and was hauled out and water blasted ready for work to commence. The rig was pulled out and the boat was put in the shed.

The interior of the boat was then stripped and inspected. The structural frames in the middle of the boat needed strengthening up as some of them were damaged. They were repaired and then the team continued with strengthening them all up. The new galley was then installed along with a new saloon area design and bunks. The original navigation station was installed back into the boat but was slightly modified to enable easier use when at sea. The interior was then prepped for painting.

The galley and navigation station were masked off and the original paintwork was sanded up and then sprayed with epoxy primer. The primer was then blocked back, the masking removed and the boat was thoroughly cleaned. The interior was masked up again and the finish coat was now applied and left to cure. The masking was removed and a high quality finish had been achieved. The new squabs were fitted and the interior was complete.

The exterior was now focused on. The boat was stripped and prepped for repainting. The boat was masked up and the original paint was sanded back and cleaned up. Then the primer was applied and sanded back. The undercoat was now sprayed and left to dry before being guide coated and faired up. The boat was then checked over, thoroughly cleaned and masked up again to ensure a high quality finish was achieved. The painters sprayed the finish coat building it up and left it to harden before the masking was removed.

The hatches that were leaking were fixed while the painting was taking place and installed along with all the deck hardware. The rig had been inspected while it was out and it was in good condition so didn’t require much work. The boat was removed from the shed, the rig was installed and it was launched. The owner was very happy and took it back down to Auckland so he could start racing.