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    Modern Racing Yachts

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The era of fibreglass and other modern boat building materials revolutionized boating mid last century.  We were there at the outset and we now have a legacy of experience in designing, building, maintaining, refitting and repairing these modern marvels.  As marvellous as these materials are, many are still in the developmental stages.  If the modern materials were not handled within tight specifications, vulnerabilities do emerge such as osmosis and delamination which affects the overall integrity of the boat. We know how to locate and fix such defects and prevent them from occurring again.


* Construction and repair using all boatbuilding materials

* Composite specialists

* Engineering and Metal fabrication

* Engine, Transmission, Genset and Hydraulic servicing and installation

* All Interior Construction and Finishing

* Painting

* Rigging

* Electrical

* 8.5 meter beam and 80 ton travel lift

  • Modern Racing Yachts

    Striking the balance of sufficient strength with light weight is more an art than science, and one where design limits to various modern materials are constantly tested and expanded.  The best teacher is actual experience and Robertson Boats has extensive experience.  Learn More.

  • Modern Cruising Yachts

    While cruising safety and performance remain top priorities, creature comforts and automated systems are close behind.  A modern cruising yacht is amazingly complicated in the range of knowledge needed for proper preventative maintenance so that those well-earned cruising days can be thoroughly enjoyed.  Learn More.

  • Modern Launches

    Fast and furious are the hallmarks of modern launches along with the ability to push a well-tuned engine and drive system to arrive at the cruising or fishing destination in short order.  The material and engineering demands call for high competence and skill in repairs and maintenance.  Learn More.

  • Modern Offshore Cruisers

    Bali Hai becons with its allure of fair weather, fishing, and anchorages.  The pacific islands are well within reach of today’s sophisticated offshore powered cruisers, but repairs in the islands remain a challenge.  Preparing a cruiser for a season of carefree cruising is one of our specialties and joys.  Learn More.