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    Sailing Cat

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Multihulls and their owners are a breed apart. Every since we built the renowned Kawau Kats, the most modern fleet of ferries in New Zealand at the time, we’ve appreciated the unique benefits and requirements of cats and other multihulls. So we designed a purpose-built travel lift to easily handle most of the multihulls that cruise our stunning coastal waters or visit each year from the Pacific Islands to be maintained, repaired, and readied by our knowledgeable craftsman for another enjoyable cruising season.


* Purpose built multihull travel lift for wide beamed sailing cats up to 8.5 meters beam

*Construction and repair using all boat building materials

*Engineering and Metal fabrication

*Engine, Transmission, Genset and Hydraulic servicing and installation

*All Interior Construction and Finishing




  • Sailing Cats

    From custom built sailing cats to production cats, we have the facilities and knowledge through experience in refitting, repairing and servicing these boats to perform any task. Our yard seems to always have several cats in various stages of readying for their cruising adventures.

  • Power Cats

    Power cats are an exciting new segment to the multihull market with a number of considerations and aspects unique to them.  As a unique class of boat, they require specialist facilities, services, and knowledge in order to cater to all their requirements. 

  • Manufacturers

    Robertson Boats has serviced and maintained a large range of production cats in New Zealand. We have gained knowledge through experience in refitting, repairing and servicing these vessels.

  • Performance Cats

    America’s Cup is redefining the game for performance cats.  We’re paying close attention and working hard to try and expand our knowledge of the methods and techniques used to construct high-performance racing boats.